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Late in 2018 I discovered these projects! I have had a ball helping out these last couple of years!

Ruth2 and Roth2 are low-poly Open Source mesh bodies specifically designed for OpenSimulator and other Second Life-style virtual worlds. They are built to use standard Second Life(TM) UV maps using scratch-built mesh bodies originally created by Shin Ingen and more recently Ada Radius. The project was begun some time ago by Shin intended to be used also for teaching.

The RuthAndRoth project currently is housed at GitHub and has for the last couple of years been led by AI Austin and Ada Radius with other contributions from the OpenSimulator and Second Life communities.

Ruth2 is the current name of Shin's original female avatar (known then as Ruth 2.0). Shin made a couple of widely used RC releases (RC#2 and RC#3); when AI, Ada and Serie moved forward with Roth v2 they also renamed the new female to Ruth2 v4 to better clarify what was name (“Ruth2”) and what was version (“v4”).

Roth2 is currently at the second public release, aka v2.


All source files for Ruth and Roth are available on GitHub. This includes the original Blender files for all of the mesh as well as Gimp files for the textures used.

The project also maintains a Reference repository for many of the otherwise hard-to-locate files used from Linden Labs and other sources.

All of the original components of RuthAndRoth are licensed as AGPL v3 unless otherwise noted. All components from other creators retains their original license and has been included with permission in cases where further distribution was not clear.

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In-World: Second Life

Other Git Repositories


There are a large number of skins available for use, different ones are included with the Ruth 2.0 and the RuthToo repos.


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