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Ruth2/Roth2 Logo

Shin Ingen's original Ruth 2.0 logo has some very fine lines that do not always hold up well when scaled smaller. This Jan 2020 update attempts to maintain the look and feel of the original but holds up better in use.

The new logos with and without shading:

Shin Ingen's original logo:


The 'R2' logo is used to indicate projects or products that are either based on or compatible with the RuthAndRoth project mesh bodies. The RuthAndRoth project has chosen to use the grey background for its branding, other creators are free to adapt the coloring to their own needs.


A box containing full-perm textures of the logo is available in the RuthAndRoth sim.

Second Life

A box containing full-perm textures of the logo is available in the Serie-ous Style store.


The logo source file and some variants are located on Github in the RuthAndRoth Extras repo.


The logo uses the Great Vibes typeface designed by Rob Leuschke from typeSETit. It is available under the Open Font License at a number of font download sites, including Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts.

The logo is drawn in the following manner:

  • The circle is 80% of the 512×512 image size and centered
  • The 'R' is at 192 pt (30% of the image size), the '2' is at 128 pt (25% of the image size), is centered horizontally and is 20 px below center vertically
  • A 10×10 px drop-shadow to lower-right is applied in black at 50% opacity to both the circle and 'R2' text.
  • The background uses a partial radial gradient in grey (#666666 - #444444) with the light side centered on the upper-left corner to match the drop-shadow.
  • A 25 px bevel is applied to the background

Logo Tests

I made a couple of tests to sort out the final design.

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