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Mesh Notes

Collected while working on Ruth but possibly interesting to all

SS190118 Ruth 2.0 Mesh Body

Part SS Name Source File /
Model Name
Prim Name Prim Desc
Head RuthToo_RC3_Head1 ss-20190205 RuthToo_RC3_Head1
Eyes r2EYES (RC#2) ss-20190304 r2EYESMESH
Upper Body r2BODY_upper_RC#3 sh-20190118 Sean RuthToo_RC3_UpperAlphaCuts4
<many> upper
Lower Body r2BODY_lower_SundanceUV_RC3 sh-20190118 Sean RuthToo_RC3_LowerAlphaCuts16
<many> lower
Hands r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120 Sundance Release3_Hands_15
hands upper
Long Nails r2HANDS_fingernail_long_sundance ss-20190120 Sundance Release3_LongNails_11
fingernailslong fingernails
Medium Nails r2HANDS_fingernail_medium_sundance ss-20190120 Release3_MediumNail_11
fingernailsmedium fingernails
Pointed Nails r2HANDS_fingernail_pointed_sundance ss-20190120 Release3_PointedNail_11
fingernails pointed fingernails
Oval Nails BRuth6k_OvalFigNails ss-20190209 Nails_Oval
fingernailsoval fingernails
Short Nails r2HANDS_fingernail_short_sundance ss-20190120 Release3_ShortNail_11
fingernailsshort fingernails
Flat Feet r2FEET_flat_SundanceUV_RC3 ss-20190120 Sundance Release3_FlatFeet_15
feet lower
Flat Feet Nails r2FEET_flat_toenails_Sundance_RC3 ss-20190120 Sundance Release3_ToeNailsFlat_15
toenails toenails
Medium Feet ru2FEET_medium_RC#3 ru2FEET_medium_RC#3
feet lower
High Feet Ruth6kfeet_high sun-20190130 HighFeetShinAdaV9
feet lower
High Feet Nails Ruth6kfeet_HighToeNails sun-20190130 HighToeNails
toenails toenails
Part SS Name Box Name
Head RuthToo_RC3_Head1 ss-20190205 basic mesh head - RC3 ss-v3
Eyes r2EYES (RC#2) ss-20190304 basic mesh eyes (rigged) ss-v1
Body r2BODY_upper_RC#3 sh-20190118
r2BODY_lower_SundanceUV_RC3 sh-20190118
Ruth 2.0 mesh body - RC3 ss-v3
Hands + all nails r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120
Ruth 2.0 mesh hands + all nails - RC3 ss-v3
Flat Feet + nails r2FEET_flat_toenails_Sundance_RC3 ss-20190120 Ruth 2.0 mesh feet flat + nails - RC3 ss-v3
Medium Feet + nails ru2FEET_medium_RC#3 Ruth 2.0 mesh feet medium + nails - RC3 ss-v3
High Feet + nails Ruth6kfeet_high sun-20190130 Ruth 2.0 mesh feet high + nails - RC3 ss-v3
Hands + long nails r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120
r2HANDS_fingernail_long_sundance ss-20190120
Ruth 2.0 mesh hands + long nails - RC3 ss-a
Hands + medium nails r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120
r2HANDS_fingernail_medium_sundance ss-20190120
Ruth 2.0 mesh hands + medium nails - RC3 ss-a
Hands + pointed nails r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120
r2HANDS_fingernail_pointed_sundance ss-20190120
Ruth 2.0 mesh hands + pointed nails - RC3 ss-a
Hands + short nails r2HANDS_bento_RC#3 ss-20190120
r2HANDS_fingernail_short_sundance ss-20190120
Ruth 2.0 mesh hands + short nails - RC3 ss-a

Upload Stuffs

Mesh Upload Parameters

  • LOD
    • medium - use high
    • low - 0
    • lowest - 0
  • Physics
    • from file
      • 00_PhysicsCube.dae
  • Upload Options
    • Include avatar skin weight

Linig up the halves

  • Upper: <144.86119, 169.50220, 27.78820> (armleft)
  • Lower: <144.58328, 169.48135, 26.46267> (legleft8)
  • Root: <144.50000, 169.50220, 27.41095>
  • Upper: <250.50000, 216.42218, 3398.53418> (belly)
  • Lower: <250.50000, 216.43582, 3398.30469> (pelvisfront)
  • Root: <250.50000, 216.43582, 3398.30469> (pelvisfront)

Import Notes

Attempting to import Ruth2.0_RC4.4Export.dae

Viewer Grid Result
FS (OS) 6.0.2 OSGrid long time to initialize dialog, load error 'file not found', second time worked
FS (SL) 6.0.2 Aditi appears to ignore root link, all link names

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