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Serie-ous Style

Hi! Welcome to my web home!

I offer a selection of the things I make in Second Life in my store at Fireheart (239,211,1201) and in the Second Life Marketplace. I have some clothes with my custom textures that I create using a variety of techniques varying from photography and manipulation to pure graphics creation.

I have also been working on the RuthAndRoth mesh avatars primarily with the HUD and scripting.

More about the textures.

Serie Sumei


Here is the latest in the Serie-ous Style store!

It's the Sundae Mini Jumper! Isn't my friend Pipit just the cutest thing in pink? This sweet fitmesh dress is a patterned jumper over a black top with white collar and cuffs. It comes in the popular mesh body riggins, Belleza, Matreya, Slink and TMP, as well as the 5 standard sizes for system beauties.

The jumper patterns are straight out of my texture collection with the diagonal cross in red, purple and blue over black, and the dainty hash pattern in yellow and Pipit Pink!

Currently Sundae is packaged as all mesh types by color, I will soon have a fat pack HUD available for you gotta-have-them-all lovers.

Second Life

My new expanded in-world Second Life store is located at Fireheart (247,211,1202).

About Me

I am a virtual world fan who has been creating things on a small scale for most of the time that I have been a part of Second Life and OpenSim. I have real life experience doing graphic design, web programming and cleaning up after dogs.

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