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Ruth2 and Roth2

Late in 2018 I discovered these projects! I have had a ball helping out already!

Ruth2 and Roth2 are low-poly mesh bodies, specifically designed for OpenSimulator. They are built to use standard Second Life(TM) UV maps using scratch-built open source mesh bodies by Shin Ingen with other open source contributions from the OpenSimulator Community.

In-World: OpenSim

  • Group: OSGrid RuthAndRoth
  • Region: OSGrid RuthAndRoth

In-World: Second Life

Other Things

SL Aditi Sandboxen


I couldn't read the fancy font on the Alpha HUD on the RuthToo red background so I did something about it…tone down the color and simplify the font a bit. Also, add minimize and detach buttons.

I have put together a new combination HUD that will handle 3 HUD panels in this git branch. Included is a script that will create a new 5 prim core for the new HUD, to which the existing alpha HUD mesh can be linked.


There are a large number of skins available for use, different ones are included with the Ruth 2.0 and the RuthToo repos.

Git Repositories

We have an Etherpad started to collect thoughts and organize work for repo updates. [:ruth:etherpad|My local notes]]


Ai Austin made a nice summary (orange/yellow) of the state of Ruth 2.0 as of 09Jan2019

SL Files

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